Saint Cyprian – The Patron Of Astrologers

This isn’t about the official patronage of San Cipriano di Antiocha as dictated by the Catholic Church. Officially, St. Cyprian was a sorcerer/black magician who was converted to Christianity by a woman named Justina. Cyprian had tried to work love magic on Justina and she abolished the work by making the sign of the cross upon herself. Impressed by this superior form of magic he encountered, Cyprian left sorcery behind and spent the rest of his life spreading the Gospel.


The unofficial story is that while St. Cyprian undoubtedly left much of his previous life behind after his conversion, he didn’t give it all up. Many grimoires are said to have been authored by him even after his conversion. Before conversion, he was first and foremost an astrologer, at the time an exclusive mystery school unavailable to most unlearned citizens. While the Catholic Church of recent times likes to pretend it didn’t happen, during Cyprian’s life astrology was very much a big part of the church and would have seen no reason to leave astrology behind after converting.


Sigil of Saint Cyprian


Thus, St. Cyprian of Antioch in modern times is the unofficial patron saint of occultists, necromancers and astrologers, as he himself was once one. As he was also himself an author on metaphysical subjects, he should also be considered the patron saint of anyone writing in any media on esoteric subjects.


Most cultures and religions around the world have some variation of ancestor veneration. Honoring and petitioning saints should be seen in the same light as placing flowers on dead relatives graveside or lighting a candle in a relatives memory. Saints are mortals who lived and died like everyone else and returned to the ocean of our greater collective heritage. In that sense, they too are our ancestors.


As we head into 2018, the beginning of a profoundly new era of life on Terra, those folks who are natural seekers of the bigger spiritual picture and especially those who understand the high importance of astrology in the cycle we’re moving into might want to move out of their comfort zone and ask assistance from an OG Saturn in Capricorn figure. Someone who was doing wrong, started doing right, learned a thing or two about forgiveness and discernment, applied knowledge in practical ways and left this knowledge to world as his legacy.


On this first eclipse of 2018, this blog is now known as Vox Cyprian Astrology to both venerate St. Cyprian myself and to give voice to an astrologer who came before me and knows the cycle we’re in.


Sound the trumpet in the new moon, at the full moon, on our solemn feast day

– Psalms 81:3