The First Eclipse Series Of 2018 Hits Us In The Heart

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Authors pic. Tarot deck by Carol Herzer.

The astrology of 2018 is definitely one of upheaval and reconfiguring at all levels of life. The lunar cycles of 2018 bring the bigger message home, and this starts literally on New Years Day! 


Most will remember the hype of “The Great American Eclipse” of August 2017 and the subsequent events which are still manifesting. That August 2017 eclipse season worked the Leo/Aquarius axis, signs that are “fixed” in nature and thus the eclipses dislodged situations believed to be permanent. That eclipse season also involved conjunctions to malefic war planet Mars, which created lots of anger, agitation, hostility, agression, and overall inflammation.

Most notably, the “Great American Eclipse” was conjunct fixed star Regulus, which has a reputation for fame, nobility, honor, prestige and political status. Regulus bestows a crown to a king, and in the aftermath of the August 2017 eclipses we’ve seen a lot of crowns angrily knocked off the heads of people once widely admired and who appeared untouchable before (fixed). I predicted natural disasters would occur and they did. I also predicted Jupiter in Scorpio was going to air a lot of dirty laundry and woooah has it done just that.

Harvey Weinstein, the “king” of Hollywood no more. Kevin Spacey, the “king” of the silver screen… no more. All the various celebrity and political darlings, now disgraced. Politics is, well, politics as usual except more cutthroat than ever. And on and on…

We won’t repeat the 2017 eclipses again in 2018, exactly. But, we will revisit these motifs again in the form of seeing them play out in reverse, from the opposite perspective. The eclipse season that starts off 2018 again works the Leo/Aquarius axis; while the August 7th, 2017 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse was in Aquarius, the January 31st, 2018 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will be in Leo. And while the August 21st, 2017 New Moon Total Solar Eclipse aka “The Great American Eclipse” was in Leo conjunct fixed star Regulus, the New Moon Solar Eclipse of February 15th, 2018 will be in Aquarius opposing Regulus.

Mars will not be much involved in these early 2018 eclipses. No warpath here! Instead, the involvement of the angry malefic is going to be replaced by the involvement of both the benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter.

Both Venus and Jupiter are, in their own ways, associated with the things in life necessary for our happiness. Venus is responsible for our sensual experiences via lovey-dovey things like good food, good sex, romance, relationships, material creature comforts. Venus is where we find our individual Eden. Jupiter is responsible for our optimism, our learning experiences, our ability to find and seize new opportunities, the ability to grow and move beyond our stations and limitations.

The involvement of the benefics in the early 2018 eclipse season, which reverses the late 2017 eclipse series, shows a simultaneous loss of people and things we’ve relied on (fixed) for comfort and security in trying times, and the need to embrace new, unfamiliar and unexplored methods of achieving happiness, success and satisfaction. New opportunities are opening up but the initial shakeup can make it difficult to see that what is taking place will eventually be to our benefit. This is one of those times when we must remember to put faith in the workings of the cosmos.

The 2018 eclipse season will be prefaced by two lunations in January, both of which involve Venus in Capricorn. Venus will join the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn to form a quite serious and humbling stellium this coming January. The time to severely adjust expectations to fit reality and the stark truth has come, and with it may come the bursting of more than a few bubbles. (I mean that metaphorically but it’s possible it will manifest literally in the form of financial bubbles.)

Full Moon 11 degrees Cancer, January 1st

Yes, the world rings in the new year under a moody Full Moon. This one is exact 8:24 PM CST. The Moon is in domicile in Cancer, expressing emotional cycles with ease, for good or ill. Venus will be at 9 degrees Capricorn, conjunct the Sun and opposing the Moon. Planets conjunct the Sun are considered “combust”, weakened from the scorching solar rays. Venus is already restrictive in its usual sensual expression while in Capricorn; the opposition from the Full Moon in emotive Cancer to debilitated Venus suggests the year starts off with a lesson in the pitfalls of both inappropriately withholding love and affection and indiscriminately giving it away.

This same Full Moon forms trines to Mars in domicile at 14 degrees Scorpio, Jupiter at 17 degrees Scorpio and Neptune at 11 degrees Pisces. There’s a lot of subliminal messages waiting to be coaxed out into the open under this Full Moon, and the trines show at least a healthy amount should be beneficial to us in some way (or at least not all that harmful). The opposition to Venus combust in Capricorn still shows finding mutual satisfaction begins to become difficult to achieve. Full Moons in Cancer run the gamut of emotions and yours might well be very out of synch with people important to you. You may want someone or something that you can’t have or can’t be reciprocated, or find you’re losing interest in pleasurable people/things just as they’re becoming more available to you.

New Moon 26 degrees Capricorn, January 16th

This New Moon is exact at 8:17 PM CST and is conjunct Venus (at 28 degrees Capricorn) rather than opposing it. Here again our good time planet is being burned by the Sun and feeling cold and restricted in Capricorn. The Sun-Moon-Venus conjunction squares Uranus at 24 degrees Aries and widely conjuncts Pluto at 19 degrees Capricorn, indicating a need for re-imagining of the old money/relationship motifs of years past. Don’t be surprised to find past romantic and/or financial situations revisiting you in surprising ways. With Venus being debilitated, again we feel the need to show restraint and prudence, or we find it harder to relate to others and feel unusually sad and lonely.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 11 degrees Leo, January 31st

This first eclipse of 2018 occurs at 7:27 AM CST, a few minutes before Mercury enters Aquarius and lightens the verbal and mental mood. Full Moon Lunar Eclipses are typically ones producing endings or culminations; things come to a head and either bear their full fruit, or come to the end of their conclusion. You can revisit what happened at the August 7th, 2017 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius for clues as to the areas of life that will be forced into fullness again but seen from a reversed perspective.

This January 31st eclipse has the Sun conjunct and the Full Moon opposing Venus at 16 degrees Aquarius, and applying to a square with Jupiter at 21 degrees Scorpio. Not only is Venus still combust but the Sun in Aquarius is debilitated as well, being in the sign of its detriment. The Sun-Venus conjunction in Aquarius may not be cold and restrictive but it has a definite coolness still, that of dispassionate cerebral detachment. This is quite at odds with the extreme, all-in full tilt passions of the Full Moon in Leo and Jupiter in Scorpio. This looks like a lot of dramatic scenes will be attempted yet met with an uninterested, inattentive audience. Perhaps even a willfullness to turn away from what is screaming for attention.

It also is the beginning of seeing, in big ways, what the previous lunations of 2018 have been preparing us for: that the things we’ve come to rely on to make us feel good have come to an end or will no longer reliably serve us. Oppositions in astrology are just that — opposing forces that are often in conflict or out of synch and hard to harmonize. The opposition to Venus combust in Aquarius shows that all the sensual delights no longer satisfy like they used to, if they’re even still available. Strong relationships can survive this, obviously, but relationships not meant for the long haul will show cracks in their foundations. Expect more than a few breakups.

The square to Jupiter shows potential to make bad judgment calls. Since the eclipse works the Leo/Aquarius axis, we could be thinking with our hearts when we should be using our heads, and vice versa. Also, in the panic of losing someone or something we’ve depended on to make us feel good there will be a tendency to make bad decisions in an effort to keep them around for just a little while longer. No one wants to let go, but don’t be that person thinking “if I wait it out, it’s going to get better” 

New Moon Solar Eclipse 27 degrees Aquarius, February 15th

The eclipse season that kicks off 2018 ends with a New Moon Solar Eclipse, creating new starts until we meet eclipse season again mid-summer. This one is exact at 3:05 PM CST. Mercury will be combust this time at 25 degrees Aquarius. So will Venus again, but less so this time as the orb (degree of separation) is wider and Venus will be at 6 degrees Pisces, in the sign Venus is exalted in. This is a cautiously optimistic harbinger of fresh starts in matters of the heart. Think of this eclipse as finding a diamond in the rough; it was a pain to achieve and you’re not sure how you got here but you found something worthwhile after all. There will still be considerable financial and romantic changes in the works under this eclipse, but new relationships – or taking it to a new level in existing relationships – are more likely than in the previous lunations.

This eclipse also sextiles Uranus at 25 degrees Aries, suggesting that the unexpected developments can be just as exciting as they are upsetting. Be careful, though, as the eclipse again squares Jupiter at 22 degrees Scorpio and is still just as prone to making bad judgement calls. What seems like a great, perfectly viable option now might bite you in the ass down the road. The previous lunations will have done a lot to remove outworn, unhealthy or superficial pleasures from our lives. We do not need to rush towards these things again and must be careful that we also are not missing opportunities in the excitement and confusion.

Who Will Be Affected?

Well, the majority of people will feel the effects of the Capricorn stellium and the eclipses, but some more than others. Those folks with planets or angles in the cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn – are going to feel the first two lunations and the Capricorn stellium the most. Folks with planets or angles in the fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius – will be most impacted by the eclipses.

Even if you don’t have planets or angles in the signs mentioned above, everyone has Leo, Capricorn and Aquarius somewhere in their charts and everyone will benefit from looking at the houses in their birth charts that these events take place in for better understanding of the areas of life most subject to change at the beginning of 2018. Read here if you’re not sure how to find them.

More topically, the political events that unfolded in the aftermath of the August 2017 eclipses will also be revisited, with new information and perspectives coming to light that were obscured back then. A lot of people and things thought to be “protecting” someone/something from damage will evaporate and consequences will be faced. Read here to refresh what this eclipse series is doing to American politics in particular.

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