Saturn In Capricorn: Grow Up (Or Just Grow Old)

Saturn in Capricorn 2017 2018
Photo by Tao Liu

Time waits on no one. We all know this, but the concept of real time sometimes just hits us in the face. Such will be the case when Saturn – the planet of time, reality, mortality, limitations, aging and maturation, and karma – transits its own sign of Capricorn, cardinal  (initiatory, go-getting) sign of evolution.

Saturn will enter Capricorn December 19th, 2017 until March 21st, 2020; due to a retrograde, Saturn will also be in Capricorn from July 1st-December 17th, 2020. It’s not too soon to be thinking about what this transit represents, individually and collectively. It has a tremendous socioeconomic and political effect, but let’s get into that one later. For now, let’s keep it personal.

The transition from Saturn in Sagittarius to Saturn in Capricorn is going to be noticed immediately. Sagittarius is a fiery visionary sign, the sign of the sojourner and the preacher and the quirky teacher. Saturn in Sagittarius asked us to firm up our beliefs by first challenging their validity. How well did your beliefs hold up? Did you have to accept that some things you believed in had to be let go of? Did you lose faith? Did you find some ways in which your faith was reaffirmed?

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and both sign and planet are associated with broadcasting. A lot of people gave up on the news, many more gave up on social media. Some public figures were rightly taken to task in public platforms and lost the reputation they thought was untouchable. Some people maintained such a righteous belief in their opinions, believed themselves to be on such a higher moral ground, that they took it upon themselves to drag other folks reputations (Saturn) through the mud in ways that exceeded the “offense”. And, we’ve sure seen the culture of perpetual offense and petty outrage take flight during Saturn in Sagittarius. Everyone now is better than everyone else and no one is ever ever ever allowed a second chance. Everyone is on the wrong side, whichever side that may be, and if you don’t pick a side… well, you’re wrong for that, too.

Get over it. People are in a constant state of development. If you’re alive, you’re growing and changing and learning (or, at least most people are). Once Saturn is in Capricorn, the themes become simultaneously harder and simpler: get real, get with the times and grow the hell up. Accept your own responsibilities and stop pointing fingers at others for not accepting theirs. Maybe, just maybe, you’re wrong and not in the place to be the judge of others. Their karma is their karma and you ought to be working on your own. You do know you have karma too, right? That you need just as much work as the next person? Saturn in Capricorn isn’t going to indulge pettiness or triviality. And your belief (Sagittarius) that some thing(s) aren’t petty or trivial doesn’t extend to everyone else, let’s be real.

In general, a lot of what has seemed to be important in the recent past won’t mean much at all in the near future.For one thing, we’ll have enough economic and global concerns to keep us busy (more on that stuff down the road). But beyond that Saturn rules the maturation process of life itself: Saturn transits in a person’s chart marks the entry into school, the entry into puberty, the entry into adulthood, many of the markers of adulthood and the exit from adulthood into old age.

What kind of an adult gets into social media fights? What adult gleefully destroys someone’s reputation, income? What adult points out another’s flaws like they don’t have any of their own? What adult spends time on anything else besides achieving something of substance and satisfaction with the precious limited time they have?

Saturn will be in Capricorn for nearly three years. Those are years that will pass, whether you want them to or not. You will age, whether you want to or not. You can choose to evolve and look back on these years as years when you did something of substance with your life; where you became a different – and presumably better – person than you were before. Or, you can choose to be that person who allows three years to go by and is still in the same place they were before: no better, no wiser, no different.

What will matter to you on your death bed? That’s morbid, but – reality check – we’re all going to die. How about a Saturn in Capricorn game…

When you’re dying and facing your karma, will it matter to you that much that you drug someone’s name online/at work/wherever? Will you feel satisfied by your many likes and upvotes and shares? Will you remember who won what season of [insert any crap TV show here]? Will you still remember with glee that time you felt morally superior to someone else and tried to show them up? Will you be proud you lost friends and alienated people over arguments that aren’t even relevant anymore? Will you die happy knowing you were that person no one could be around for fear of not sharing your beliefs?

When you’re on your death bed, will you be satisfied that you did the best you could with the time you had? Will you be proud that you were dealt a bad hand but came out a winner anyway? Will you die knowing you were sometimes an asshole and did wrong, but did your best to become a better person and started doing right? Will you die knowing you showed grace and granted forgiveness? Will you know you tried to be the bigger person? Will you feel relief that you moved on instead of holding grudges? Will you know you tried to leave the world just a little bit better by your being here? Did you leave someone else’s life in better shape just by being in their life? Will you have decided to die a miserable person, or will you have decided to die knowing you gave all the love you had and tried to find as much real love as you could in return?

Did you grow and evolve, or did you remain in the same (physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, whatever) place your whole life?

Where is Capricorn in your chart? Can you see where you need to be challenged in order to evolve? Are you posing questions to yourself at all or are you hoping the time just passes you?

5 thoughts on “Saturn In Capricorn: Grow Up (Or Just Grow Old)

  1. Great post, thank you for sharing so many wonderful questions that get right to the heart of what matters. It will be a good three years of heart of the matter growing.

  2. I second that. At the same time, it is soooo funny. I just filed a complaint to one of the banks, pointing to an injustice I noticed. 🙂

  3. I’m 76 with my ascendant in 1 degree of Capricorn and natal Saturn in 21 of Taurus in my 4th. Feeling the impact!!! Never expected it so soon facing the end …that is.

  4. Thanks so much for this. Second Saturn return in Capricorn here. Everything you wrote resonates with me. I cried reading this, and I’m glad.

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