5 Things To Expect From Jupiter In Scorpio!

Jupiter in Scorpio 2017 2018 meaning what to expect

The largest known planet in our solar system, Jupiter, enters the magnetic, dynamic and energetic sign Scorpio on October 10th, where it will stay until November 8th, 2018. Jupiter in Scorpio is nothing if not extremely passionate and powerful about it, for better or worse.

Jupiter is often called the planet of luck, but more often it is “luck” as found through growth, experimentation, openness to new opportunities, willingness to learn and willingness to flow in new directions.

In Scorpio, we’ll be flowing through the deep currents of psychology, pathology, forensics, research, investigation… a spiritual quest to find hidden knowledge. Knowledge is power; this is true regardless but it’s a lesson that hits home harder during Jupiter in Scorpio. By understanding what’s really going on at the deepest level, one will have won, succeeded, survived, beaten the odds.

Here’s five things to expect from the transit of Jupiter in Scorpio:


Spiritual Rites Of Passage

Jupiter expands our consciousness and in Scorpio it will be expanding our consciousness of the mysteries of life. This is shamanic initiation, whether we purposely seek it out or whether it catches us by surprise. The mysteries of life seem… less mysterious, more tantalizingly within our reach. Whether through increased interest or awareness of taboo subjects, or through firsthand experience of emotional intensity that provokes a passionate search for the source of such intensity, the knowledge of our souls needs a bigger broadcast (Jupiter rules broadcasting).

Sexual Healing

Scorpio is usually thought of as a sexy sign. It is, but not necessarily in a raunchy way (though it can be raunchy, for sure!). Following Libra, the sign where we first encounter the great “other”, Scorpio looks to find emotional and spiritual energetic connections through “other”. Sex, in this case, is as much to do with intimacy and trust – or lack thereof – as much as anything else.

While in Scorpio, Jupiter will trine Neptune in Pisces (exact three times: December 2nd, 2017, May 25th, 2018 and August 19th, 2018). Neptune is often given a bad reputation, but when well-behaved and highly functioning it can provide a spiritual and psychic balm like nothing else.

The trine is a harmonious aspect, and can be used to find healing, purpose, and most of all recovery through exploration of sexuality.

Appetites For Destruction

So far, so good. Jupiter is typically not that bad; it’s the Greater Benefic, after all. And Jupiter in Scorpio will make more harmonious aspects to other planets than not. However, the celestial giant is also prone to excess, extravagance, going over the top. In Scorpio, Jupiter can give an appetite for destruction like no other.

It can be sadistic destruction, knowing the full scope of damage being caused and perpetrating it anyway. But, it can be just as much an appetite for self-destruction. Scorpio at the higher level wants to take the dirty and make it clean and pure, but at the lower level Scorpio is rather perverse and attracted to all manners of the unhealthy. Jupiter in Scorpio seeks higher knowledge through exploration of taboo, sure, but it can certainly enjoy such things for their own sake.

As Jupiter rules broadcasting, expect to hear more and more stories of debauchery and shocking exposures of what people do in their private lives. Scandals of famous people will become more frequent, for sure.

Everything is bigger with Jupiter, including betrayal, which is part of the Scorpio experience. Trust broken and faith restored will be big themes at the personal level.

Sensationalism Of The Sacred & The Profane

Speaking of scandalous headlines, Jupiter in Scorpio will draw our attention to our own appetites for consuming dark matter. Nothing too sacred to be exploited; nothing too profane to be advertised and flaunted.

Big Wins & Bigger Losses

On another matter altogether, Jupiter in Scorpio will sextile Pluto in Capricorn (exact three times in 2018: January 15th, April 13th/14th, September 11th/12th). Jupiter in any aspect to Pluto is a big money aspect and a gambler’s aspect; fortunately, the sextile is a favorable aspect for gains and wins. The financially savvy can do very well during this transit!

I say savvy, because some gamblers are fools in reality, and the greater astrological backdrop during 2018 shows financial turmoil and uncertainty. Jupiter in Scorpio is lucky only for those born gamblers and/or gifted with the knack to turn losses to their favor. For everyone else, it can over stimulate the urge for financial daring and risk taking. Overconfidence in financial matters is a pitfall.

What Happened Last Time Jupiter Was In Scorpio?

Jupiter moves through each sign of the zodiac approximately 12 months at a time, so we can see Jupiter’s functions in regular 12 year cycles. The last time Jupiter was in Scorpio was October 26th, 2005 through November 23rd, 2006. In the U.S., 2006 was the year home foreclosures started to ramp up ahead of the housing bubble. News was of Saddam Hussein’s public death and sensationalism of the first human face transplant. Big movies that year were Brokeback Mountain and Borat, which toyed with taboos and broadcast complex inner private lives of people. North Korea tested its first nuclear weapon.

In your own life, Jupiter in Scorpio will be transiting the same house(s) of your natal chart that it did twelve years ago. How did you grow back then? Can you take lessons learned from that time period and apply it to you life now?

To see where Jupiter in Scorpio will move in your chart, read here for easy instructions. Or, if your feeling lucky, punk, take a low-risk, high return gamble and buy a reading from a professional astrologer who’ll help you connect the dots.

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