Is Hurricane Harvey “America’s Next Natural Disaster”?

Hurricane Harvey weekend forecast prediction disaster The quick answer: yes, yes it is…


I have written before in various places on my site that I believed one of the consequences of the Great American Eclipse of August 21st would be a subsequent natural disaster on American soil. I also believed – and still do – that such a disaster would test the leadership qualities of elected American officials and politicians. (ETA: Remember how politicians handled Hurricane Katrina? How do you think current politicians would handle such a catastrophe?)


Welcome Hurricane Harvey, a category 3 (ETA: as of late Friday, a category 4!) hurricane currently in the Gulf Coast and expected to make landfall late Friday in Texas with potentially life threatening floods. From an astrological perspective, I’m concerned that there’s even worse destructive potential behind this hurricane than what we see and know now. Not just how rapidly it has gained strength and so soon after an incredibly potent total eclipse that seen its eclipse shadow fall across America, coast to coast. But, this weekend will have a Scorpio Moon.


Scorpio squares the signs of Aquarius and Leo, the signs both of the August eclipses occurred in. This weekends Scorpio Moon will be the first lunar event to “trigger” the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo aka the Great American Eclipse. Quite often eclipses don’t fully show their full potential until another planetary body “triggers” them by aspecting the eclipse degree.


(Eclipse degrees stay “hot” for about six months to a year after the eclipse.)


Like Leo, Scorpio is a fixed sign, meaning it stays the course as long as it is able. The Moon in Scorpio this weekend ensures Hurricane Harvey will not only not lose much of its strength, but also ensures whatever rains it will bring Texas and the rest of the Gulf will be a heavy rain indeed.


If you know anyone in Texas or in weather warned Gulf Coast states and they haven’t decided yet to flee the path of the hurricane, please let them know that this time fate is probably not on their side.


5 thoughts on “Is Hurricane Harvey “America’s Next Natural Disaster”?

  1. Some of us are here and in the path of this storm and it is all you describe. Wishing no harm on anyone, these events are wake-up calls. We flooded badly one year ago and are not looking forward to a re-do. But we learned a lot and our “fate” may now be to help others recover once it us over. Very long night ahead.

  2. In astro-meteorology, each Moon phase is the weather patterns for the week. It’s referred to as the moisture chart. The Solar Eclipse, which is basically a super New Moon, indicated high amounts of rains for SE Texas area. The Moon (the wettest) was very much prominent (on the Midheaven). Scorpio was the ascendant, which showed extremes. It was also on the nodal degree. Neptune was in H4, which would have added to the rain, and the sign on H4 was on the cusp of Aquarius/Pisces – the former being associated with storms and the latter being associated with rain.

    However, for a wet moisture chart to bring flooding, the season chart also has to show above average precipitation. If the season chart shows a dry period or the climate is arid, even a wet moisture chart won’t bring much rain.

    According to the climatology of SE Texas, flooding is their most common form of severe weather.

    For the SE Texas’ Summer Solstice season chart, which shows general weather conditions for that season, the Moon/Venus conjunction was prominent. Both are wet planets strongly placed. Moon, the wettest, was squared to Houston’s ascendant to the degree, and Venus was squared to it by several degrees. So, the season chart showed much above average precipitation for the region. Gemini is on H4 with its ruler tightly conjunct the Sun and opposite Saturn & sextile Uranus & semi-square Venus, which is a storm configuration. Houston was above average for June & July in rainfall.

    At the New Moon/Eclipse, Mars had opposed the Ascendant and squared the Moon of the region’s season chart. The Eclipse itself fell on the horizon axis. The transiting Mercury/Sun conjunction during the storm was squaring SE Texas’ meridian axis.

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