New Moon Total Solar Eclipse In Leo August 21st, 2017 – History Is Made

Great American Eclipse Leo visibility meaning predictions horoscope astrology

There’s eclipses every year. Then there’s this one. The so-called “Great American Eclipse” New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo of August 21st is a big enough event that in some minds it will be remembered in “before” and “after” reference points.

Astronomically, it’s called the “Great American Eclipse” for the full coast-to-coast visibility here in the U.S. (the New Moon will be exact at 1:30 PM Central Standard Time, but the eclipse will be visible around 1:09 PM CST). The shadow of the eclipse falling on U.S. soil, plus the impact the eclipse will have on the “birth” chart of America (aka the “Sibley” chart) promises history changing events from an astrological perspective.

I’ve written about how this eclipse ties into some of the biggest milestones in recent American history as well as some of what should be expected from this one in two articles:

The Saros Series 145

America’s Next Natural Disaster

The current state of affairs at the American political level should come as no surprise either (take a look at who else besides President Trump is getting eclipsed!). And the tension is only going to keep mounting, baby!

The New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Leo will be conjunct fixed star Regulus, the North Node at 24 degrees Leo and Mars at 20 degrees Leo. Mars is action and agressive, in Leo it fights fire with fire and stays the course even when – some times in spite of – it knows it can’t win. The North Node in Leo is insatiable desire and uncomfortable hunger, a fire that can’t be put out. It will always want more. Regulus is the fixed star associated with elevating individuals to regal, even royal status, as well as robbing individuals of their crown in a state of disgrace.

The expression “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” comes to mind when looking at the list of politicians getting eclipsed. Strange bedfellows and all that. The more likely scenario is crisis situations unfolding on American soil, taking on a life of their own and becoming uncontrollable, and challenging those in positions of power to show they really have what it takes to handle such fire – or showing ineptitude and ousting them in disgrace. Most will fill in the blanks with what they know from the current media feeds but I’m expecting new situations to emerge, emphasis on the plural in “situations” as I expect more than a few unforseen crises in the following weeks.

And remember not to rule out natural disasters or unfortunate accidents!

The eclipse hits the charts of America as a country, Donald Trump as it’s President and many others as elected officials in one fell swoop. What else is there to say except revolt is all around? Leo does drama like no other sign does, and this eclipse reminds me of the line Michael Herr recounted in Dispatches: “War is good for you, you can’t take the glamour out of that. It’s like trying to take the glamour out of sex, trying to take the glamour out of the Rolling Stones“. Not that war is really good for anyone, of course, but no doubt that some people in certain positions benefit from fanning the flames. Bravada and sensationalism is a Leo specialty and ensures that this turning of the American Wheel of Fortune will be done up with theatrics.

On the personal level, those of you who have planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury etc.) or angles (ascendant, descendant, Midheaven and IC) at around 24-29 degrees of Leo and/or Aquarius will feel the effects of the eclipse the most, followed by these same degrees of Taurus and/or Scorpio.

New Moon Solar Eclipses conjunct the North Node inevitablely set one on a new path in life, so if you’re being directly affected by the eclipse expect new major life events to unfold in the following weeks and months; life changing experiences such as new marriage, new career, new child, new persona emerging. The eclipse does trine Saturn Rx at 21 degrees Sagittarius and Uranus Rx at 28 degrees Aries, bringing an inspiring revisioning of our own inner capacity for healthy revolution. Generally speaking, at the personal level this eclipse should be setting the stage for major developments of a more positive nature, but total solar eclipses are always profoundly disruptive and sometimes scary so even the best news can seem strange and daunting.

Read here to find where in your chart this eclipse will occur, read here to understand what it means if the eclipse falls on your birthday, and read here if you feel the shifts occuring around you and need a professional astrologer to walk you through them!

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