Uranus Transits WILL Make You Look And Act Crazy

Uranus transit through houses
Bats in the belfry! (Unknown artist)

In astrology, Uranus is known as the planet of freedom, liberation, youthful teenage rebellious energy, eccentricity. When a person is experiencing a major Uranus transit impacting their natal chart, they do often experience what Robert Hand calls “feeling alive again”, that feeling of excitement – rather than fear – of exploring the unknown and unusual in life and in ourselves.


What you should know, if you’re going through a major Uranian phase yourself, is that others will not see the liberation of your mind and spirit through your eyes. They will not see the weights being lifted, the electric wave you’ve caught.


What they may see, from the outside looking in, is someone who’s gone batshit crazy.


Uranus likes to break taboos and convention, and under a major Uranus transit one is inclined to break their own personal laws and commit transgressions against their own code of conduct. Rebelling against yourself, who’ve you’ve been and become up to that point, is great fun with Uranus involved. It may feel great to shock yourself enough to awaken numbed senses, but be aware you’ll shock others even more. Even the most uptight, law abiding model citizens among us get a little kick now and again from seeing the shock on others faces.


“Are You Ok?”


That’s a question many hear during major Uranus transits, often to the amusement of the person going through it. Certain things about that persons life just start to seem so odd that anyone watching begins to wonder what’s up.


I’ll use myself as an example. Shortly before a major Uranus transit hit me, I went through some heavy stuff in my personal life. As I felt the transit approach, I felt the urge to lighten my psychic load by literally unloading my home of old sentimental things that had lost their value to me. Out went old photos, cards, gifts etc.


As I started going through my home kitchen, closets, storage and so on, I kept finding more and more things I no longer wanted around. Clothes I no longer found fashionable, furniture I got because it was free or on discount or I liked at the time but now no longer matched my aesthetics. Drawers and boxes of general junk I never use(d) and didn’t want to keep around for no reason.


In keeping with the themes of Uranus, I wanted my home to reflect personal freedom by literally lightening up my load. Less to clean, organize, move or pack; more empty space for the things I’d eventually aquire that were more in line with my upgraded lifestyle.


This felt perfectly normal and healthy to me. To others who watched me unload nearly everything I owned, alarm bells rang in their heads and their persistent why’s were enough to let me know they thought something deeper was going on, which prompted them to ask if I was ok. Even something as ordinary as a yard sale can seem strange under a Uranus transit!


Of course, if one is so predisposed beforehand, a Uranus transit really can make some people flip their lids in dramatic ways, and unfortunately here too the person may think they’re fine and healthy while only those on the outside looking in see the raging chaos. Both Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes had transit Uranus strongly aspecting their natal Suns at the time of their (unfortunately highly publicized and ridiculed) breakdowns. No doubt they probably experienced the transits as moments of newly discovered freedom, even if the transits ultimately took away some of their actual freedom.


Through The Houses


Whatever house in your natal chart that transit Uranus is passing through at the time Uranus makes a major aspect – such as a conjunction, opposition or square – to something in your natal chart is the area of life most prone to reflecting a rebellious or wild quality. (Read here if you don’t know how to find transiting Uranus in your chart.)


Have Uranus transiting through your 1st house at the time of a major Uranus aspect can make even the most naturally co-dependent person suddenly fiercely independent and self serving. Uranus transits coming from transit Uranus in the 2nd house can show someone breaking away from the usual paths of financial success and stability, so much so that from the outside looking in it appears the person has lost control or has stopped caring about their own financial wellbeing. Uranus going through the 3rd house is one most likely to give an appearance of someone losing their grip; the person undergoing this will alternate between being scared of the daring new directions their mind is moving and wanting to push it as far as it can go.


Uranus transiting the 4th house making other major aspects to the chart can result in sudden or surprising relocations or changes to the living arrangements: people constantly moving in and out of the home, or the person going through the transit is the one with packed bags ready to go at short notice. Uranus transiting the 5th house can bring major changes in relationships to one’s own children or grandchildren; in older folks, the younger generation can see them as “not acting their age”. A person can surprise themself by their own changing attitude towards dating and extracurricular fun activities. Uranus transiting the 6th house is more uncomfortable, as the 6th house is inherently geared towards menial tasks and servitude and Uranus will try to break a person out of these limiting roles wherever it can.


Uranus crossing the descendant into the 7th house generally creates a “revolving door” effect where people are frequently coming into one’s life and leaving just as rapidly, or the person going through the transit is acting as the agent of chaos for others. If Uranus transiting the 7th is making relevant major aspects in the chart, this can have a “waking up in Vegas” effect on marriage and separation. Uranus transiting the 8th house can awaken a person to enough dark-sided realms and realities to sufficiently creep others out by their growing appetite for the occult and depth studies. Uranus transiting the 9th house can leave one stepping on others toes with their rapid cycle changing beliefs that others have a hard time following. How can you understand someone whose entire philosophy and attitude changes week by week?


Uranus crossing the Midheaven and then the 10th house can make one the target of gossip and even public slander, as even small quirks and individual personality traits seem more eccentric than usual. It isn’t uncommon for people going through this transit to make such a drastic change in career and life goals as to automatically attract speculations about their motives. Uranus transiting the 11th house likes many friends but simultaneously likes staying independent, which can give the impression to others of only wanting superficial or temporary involvement in their life. Uranus passing through the 12th house can make a person feel braver in exposing parts of themselves they’ve been hiding or bottling up, or sometimes they just find its harder to hide parts of themselves away and are frequently “exposed” in some way. The result is leaving others wondering if they really knew that person all along.


Back To The Part About Breaking Your Own Laws…


In some shamanic initiations, the initiate is asked to break some societal convention and commit an act of transgression (whether this is trivial or disturbing depends on what they’re being initiated into, of course). The idea behind this is not so much to cause that person grief as much as it is to trigger a thought sequence in the initiates mind that questions which laws can and cannot be broken, and why, and under what circumstances… essentially, challenging the conventional or status quo by temporarily tampering with it.


This is a very Uranian way to initiate someone into a radically different understanding of life. Just at the regular individual level, major Uranus transits often manifest by the person experiencing it breaking their own taboos at least once, both for the thrill of it and for the flash of insight some transgressive acts can bring. So long as no one gets hurt, this often leads to eyes and roads opening that once were closed.


Just don’t be surprised if they call you crazy for it!


3 thoughts on “Uranus Transits WILL Make You Look And Act Crazy

  1. Love this!
    Uranus hit my Asc 3 years ago and I ended a longterm relationship then (that was a long time coming) and lost weight without trying to. It’s going to be in my first house for a while now but I don’t think I’ll be experimenting with my hair color anymore (sticking to red).
    What I’m slightly worried about is the fact that when it enters Taurus it will be squaring my natal Moon and Jupiter. I might get asked if I’m ok often next year. 😂

  2. When Uranus was T square my Moon and heading for my Asc/1st house, I started throwing stuff away, too. I must have thrown out 1/2 of the house, planning to move. Some of the stuff, I miss now, but it was throwaway season so it left. I guess non attachment was the lesson.

  3. Uranus is approaching in opposition to my natal moon which is 3 degrees in scorpio. My natal moon is in the second house, rules my tenth house. Transiting Uranus is in my eight house. Do not know what to expect. Financial life has already been upside down (divorce, moving – progressed moon was conjunct my asc) and I am out of a job though a very skilled and capable person… However, rather unconventional.

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