What If A New/Full Moon Or Eclipse Falls On Your Birthday?

New full moon eclipse birthday meaning interpretation
Art by Yuri Schwedoff

Even folks who aren’t familiar with astrology will sometimes notice an eclipse coincides with their birthday and wonder if there is any potential meaning to it beyond mere coincidence. The answer is a big “Yes!”. If a New or Full Moon or particularly an eclipse occurs on your birthday, you’re in for a memorable twelve months to follow.

In astrology, your birthday is an event called a solar return, which as it sounds means the Sun has traveled through the entire zodiac and has returned to the exact place it was when you were born. Because a solar year isn’t perfect in timing, sometimes the solar return can actually start the day before or after your actual birthday. Read more here: Understanding Solar Returns.

A solar return is a predictive tool and template for themes and events you’ll be encountering in the twelve months leading up to your next birthday, when a new solar return comes into play. The focus of the solar return chart is, of course, the Sun; since all New and Full Moons and eclipses have the Sun in aspect to the Moon, these lunar events coinciding with one’s birthday – falling in the solar return chart – essentially means the person will be living that New/Full Moon or eclipse all year long!

A New Moon on your birthday or in your solar return chart has the Sun and Moon conjunct, or working in tandem in the same house (area of life), with the Moon increasing in light. This leads to a year where new beginnings are frequent, and usually at least one major new event occurs in the person’s life. It is a year of “firsts”, such as first time flying on an airplane or taking a vacation solo. My first year as a professional astrologer had a New Moon in my solar return. The New Moon brings an “agreement” between the inner and outer lives in the area of life represented by the house the New Moon falls in.

(My same Understanding Solar Returns piece gives a brief overview of what the houses mean in solar returns.)

A Full Moon on your birthday or in your solar return has the Sun and Moon in opposition and working in opposing houses (opposing areas of life). The Moon is at her fullest and brightest but either is decreasing or is close to decreasing in light, so there’s a simultaneous feeling of constant intensity and urgency coupled with the feeling things are beyond your control or coming to an inevitable conclusion. This year tends to bring more endings than beginnings. The area of life represented by the house the SR Sun is in usually conflicts or exerts tension upon the area of life represented by the house of the Full Moon. Achieving balance is difficult, there’s a feeling that accomplishment or moving ahead in some ways comes at the expense of something else.

An eclipse on your birthday or in your solar return is uncommon (generally no more frequent than once in a nineteen year span) and has all the impact of an eclipse affecting your chart by transit: major life events such as the birth of a child or grandchild, the death of a loved one, a marriage or divorce, a relocation or career change. Often an eclipse in a solar return manages to bring forth many of these big moments in the same year. The house(s) affected can show what is most likely to change but unforseen change is common too. It is a year of constantly being pushed out of one’s comfort zone and of irrevocable changes in your life.

Check out my Lunar Almanac to find out if a New/Full Moon or eclipse will be on your coming birthday!

5 thoughts on “What If A New/Full Moon Or Eclipse Falls On Your Birthday?

  1. Hi 🙂 My birthday is 31/01/1976 and this year a blue moon will be falling on my birthday. I am wondering what this will mean for me and can I get a more tailored prediction for this year.
    Warm Regards

  2. Reading a chart suggested that my birthday aug 11 there will be a new moon and eclipse! Exciting! What can I expect from this?

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