The Eclipse That Kicks The Hornets Nest Pt. 1: The Saros Series 145

Great american eclipse astrology gilded splinters


As the title of this article implies, this is the first in a long series detailing the astrological magnitude of the so-called “Great American Eclipse” that will take place August 21st, 2017. This eclipse will be of great historical importance to the world but particularly the United States, where the shadow of this eclipse will make landfall from coast to coast.


As with all astrology, we predict the future based on past events, so this series starts by looking at eclipses that have greatly impacted the United States. More specifically, we’re going to look at eclipses in the Saros 145 cycle, some of which have literally packed the biggest punches and is the Saros series that the Aug. 21st eclipse belongs in.


The eclipses will be described according to the way they affected the American “birth” chart, aka the “Sibley” chart, “born” July 4th, 1776, Philadelphia. Click to enlarge.


Great american eclipse astrology gilded splinters

The Eclipse Of June 17th, 1909


The first eclipse I’ll look at is the annular New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 26 degrees Gemini. In the Sibley chart, it came close to the chart’s Mars at 21 degrees Gemini, 7th house. The 7th house is known as the house of open/known enemies; this year saw President Taft take office in March and face an assassination attempt in October.


The Eclipse Of June 8th, 1918


This one was a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 17 degrees Gemini. This eclipse was not part of the Saros 145 series; I’m including it since it was the most recent eclipse to have the eclipse shadow fall across the United States. The eclipse of August 21st, 2017 will be the first since 1918 to be seen coast to coast.


There were notable earthquakes, tornadoes, and accidents here in the U.S. around the time of the eclipse that resulted in loss of life, home and money. While this eclipse didn’t directly impact the Sibley chart in a major way, the eclipse fell in communication-pro sign Gemini, in the Sibley chart’s 7th house of public enemies. Just a couple weeks prior to this eclipse that touched American soil, the Sedition Act was put into effect.


The Sedition Act of 1918 was an Act of the United States Congress that extended the Espionage Act of 1917 to cover a broader range of offenses, notably speech and the expression of opinion that cast the government or the war effort in a negative light or interfered with the sale of government bonds.

It forbade the use of “disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language” about the United States government, its flag, or its armed forces or that caused others to view the American government or its institutions with contempt. Those convicted under the act generally received sentences of imprisonment for five to 20 years. The act also allowed the Postmaster General to refuse to deliver mail that met those same standards for punishable speech or opinion.


The Act would be repealed in 1920, but was yet another learning example of an eclipse affecting America in ways consistent with astrological interpretation; in this case, declaring war on enemies of the country (7th house) via forms of communication (Gemini).


The Eclipse Of June 29th, 1927


This one was a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 6 degrees Cancer, conjunct the Sibley chart’s 7th house Venus-Jupiter conjunction. When looking at eclipses, the nature of the planets in the chart that the eclipse triggers must be looked at for a deeper understanding of how it will manifest; in this case, the eclipse hit astrology’s two “benefic” planets and brought on a case of feeling good and aiming high.


Notable events occuring around this eclipse were landmark records set in sports and especially in aviation, ruled by Jupiter. June 14th saw millions turn out for a parade to honor Charles Lindbergh, a perfect example of a Venus celebration of exaggerated Jupiterian proportions.


great american eclipse astrology


With people like Lindbergh flying high and Babe Ruth knocking it out of the park with 60 home runs, it was difficult at the time to see the pitfalls created by this eclipse. Jupiter is extravagant, flamboyant, prone to excess and overdoing everything. Conjunct money planet Venus, this eclipse set the stage for the Great Depression via optimism and magical thinking in national finances.


Describing the speculative bubble:


After a couple of short downturns during 1926, prices began to increase in earnest throughout 1927, the year in which conventional wisdom saw the seeds of what became the Great Crash sown. Following Britain’s return to the Gold Standard, and subsequent foreign exchange crises, there followed an exodus of gold from Europe to the United States.

In the spring of 1927, Montagu Norman and other governors of European Banks asked the Federal Reserve to ease their monetary policy and they agreed, reducing the rediscount rate from 4 to 3.5%, a move that Lional Robbins described as resulting “in one of the most costly errors committed by it or any other banking system in the last 75 years”. The funds released by the Fed became available to invest in the stock market and “from that date, according to all the evidence, the situation got completely out of control.”


The Eclipse Of July 9th, 1945


This one was a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 16 degrees Cancer, conjunct fixed star Sirius and conjunct the Sibley chart’s Sun at the end of the 7th house (close enough to the 8th to be debatable). The eclipse also squared the Sibley chart’s 10th house Saturn.


The Sun is major in any chart, and an eclipse to the Sun changes the identity of the owner of that chart as much as an identity can change. In April of this year, Franklin Roosevelt died while still in office as President; Harry Truman was sworn in as President that night. It was Truman who approved the order on July 21st to drop bombs on Japan, after the first atomic bomb test was successful July 16th. August 6th was the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.


It should be noted that while this eclipse literally “eclipsed” a sitting President, it also eclipsed Hitler, Mussolini, Goebbels and so on in quick succession.


The Eclipse Of July 20th, 1963


This one was a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 27 degrees Cancer. This eclipse was conjunct the Sibley chart’s retrograde Mercury in the 8th house, and opposing the Sibley chart’s 2nd house Pluto. Not only was this eclipse big for America’s “birth” chart, it also strongly impacted the chart of the sitting President, John F. Kennedy, conjunct his 27 degree Saturn in the 10th house and close to his 23 degrees Cancer Midheaven.


Mercury being retrograde in the 8th house of America’chart, information surrounding his very public assassination (JFK’s Saturn-Midheaven conjunction) has remained a mystery.


The Eclipse Of July 31st, 1981


This one was a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 7 degrees Leo. This was conjunct the Sibley chart’s 6 degrees North Node in Leo in the 8th house. June of this year saw America fully enter the more severe early 1980’s recession; July 7th saw the nomination of the first female Supreme Court Justice. The United States, the USSR and India perform major nuclear tests this month. July 27th saw the kidnapping and murder of Adam Walsh, a singular 8th house related sick tragedy that left an impact on the nation and a legacy in the form of “Code Adam”.


A few months earlier was the attempted assassination of new President Ronald Reagan. The eclipse was to hit his 8th house cusp; however, since it didn’t affect much else in his chart, and since there was an appreciable distance between the assassination attempt and the eclipse, Reagan survived.


The Eclipse Of August 11th, 1999


This eclipse was a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees Leo. This did not form any stressful aspects to the Sibley chart, only so-called “soft” or “harmonious” aspects. However, this eclipse did negatively affect then-President Bill Clinton, squaring his 20 degrees Taurus Moon in the 8th house (sex scandal involving women). The eclipse also made supportive aspects to Clinton’s chart, which no doubt helped him in avoiding impeachment in his impeachment aquittal earlier in the year.


While the U.S. may have dodged some bullets, this eclipse set off a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Turkey which killed over 17,000 people. The path of the eclipse shadow made landfall across Turkey.


The Eclipse Of August 21st, 2017


This one occurs at 28 degrees Leo, a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse. Let’s look at what will be similar to the other eclipses in the Saros 145 series and what will be different:


  • Like the June 8th, 1918 total eclipse, the shadow of the eclipse of August 21st, 2017 will fall across the heartland of the U.S., hence calling it “The Great American Eclipse”. (Click to enlarge image.)

American Eclipse map 2017 time date

  • Unlike the 1918 Great American Eclipse, the August 21st, 2017 Great American Eclipse will affect the American Sibley chart, opposing the Sibley chart’s 27 degrees Aquarius Moon in the 3rd house.
  • This eclipse also very strongly impacts our current sitting President. Donald Trump has his natal Mars at 26 degrees Leo, his ascendant/rising sign at 29 degrees Leo conjunct fixed star Regulus. While the 7th house is open/pulic enemies, the 12th house is hidden/deep state enemies. However, Trump’s Mars being so close to his ascendant – a highly visible area of the chart – means secret enemies don’t stay secret for long. A lot of workings kept behind the scenes up until now are and will continue to be brought out into the open. An eclipse to Mars typically puts a person in fight or flight mode, to the ascendant can affect health and/or show selfishness. Conjunct Regulus either crowns the victor of said fight or knocks the crown right off.
  • Donald Trump is the only President in this list to have been born under a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, so eclipses in general affect him more than the general population anyway. William Taft – who dodged an assassination attempt – was born three days before a solar eclipse. Harry Truman was born two weeks after a solar eclipse.


So, will Donald Trump follow in his predecessors footsteps by facing assassination attempts or impeachment, or will he set a new precedent?


Stay tuned to my eclipse series…


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