Were You Born To Be An Astrologer?

GILDED SPLINTERS ASTROLOGYHave you ever wondered what separates the casual horoscope reader from the diehard astro-nuts from the professional astrologers?


While there’s many things in a person’s birth (or natal) chart that could point to abstract thinking or occult interest, astrology as a serious vocation or lifelong passion is shown by the asteroid Urania. Urania was named after the mythological goddess of the American name, the muse of astronomy and the namesake of many an observatory. In artistic renderings of Urania, she is typically depicted as keeping her eyes focused on the heavens.


Astrology King did an admirable job of collecting astrologers with Urania prominent in their charts:


Jonathan Cainer conjunct Pluto
John Dee conjunct Saturn
Elsbeth Ebertin conjunct Jupiter
John Frawley conjunct Neptune
Augusta Foss Heindel conjunct Mercury
Deborah Houlding conjunct Moon
William Lilly conjunct Jupiter
Joan McEvers conjunct Pluto
Jeff Mayo conjunct Mars
Johannes Morinus conjunct Neptune
Eileen Nauman conunct Mercury
Ernst Ott conjunct Sun Mercury
Robert Pelletier conjunct Moon
Vivian Robson conjunct South Node
Lois M. Rodden conjunct North Node
Zane Stein conjunct Saturn Vertex
Noel Tyl conjunct Lilith
Sonna Van Toen conjunct Mercury
Robert E. Zoller conjunct Pluto


…and I think this same study should be continued whenever possible. All you need to do to see where Urania is in your chart is pull up your chart on astro.com as you normally would under “Extended Chart Selection” and at the bottom of the page enter number 30 in the additional asteroids section, like so…


Urania astrology

…and click to show the chart.


If you have Urania in an interesting place in your chart, let us know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Were You Born To Be An Astrologer?

  1. I’m not sure if at 24 degrees Aries it’s close enough to count as sextile to my Sun and Moon (20 and 21 degrees Aquarius) and trine to my Neptune at 20 degrees Saggitarius.
    Then again, there seems so much to learn in astrology, at the moment I feel I will never come even close enough to being an astrologer. 😀

  2. Urania conjunct MC (30 minutes of a degree) natally. I never paid attention to astrology until transiting Uranus moved over my MC many years ago, now I am obsessed with it in an apt pupil capacity.

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