Recommended: SkyView Phone App

SkyView AppAstrology began by observing with the naked eye the visible movement of the celestial bodies and corresponding their movements with terrestrial events. In recent times, that observational instinct has been lost for most people, first by the physical barriers created by skyscrapers and city lights and nowadays by the obsession with our handheld devices. If you’re an astrology fiend who doesn’t really pay attention to the visible movement of the planets because your eyes are glued to a screen, you should at least have a skygazer’s phone app so there’s no excuse for not carrying on our predecessors learning style.


I’ll help you by recommending one – the SkyView app by Terminal Eleven. It comes in a free version as well as an upgraded version. I’ve taken some snapshots on my phone to show why astro-nuts need this app:


Moon Saturn stargazing app SkyView


In my last lunar cycle post, I wrote that the Moon in Sagittarius would be conjunct Saturn. Even though this image was taken just a little after the Full Moon had separated, the conjunction was still visible in the heavens. One could have followed the trajectory of the Moon applying to a conjunction to Saturn, then the exact conjunction and the separating aspect on their phone without it even being nighttime, since the app works in daylight too:


Moon Saturn stargazing app SkyView

The app works indoors as well, so if you’re bored at work you can brush up on the location of the bodies you’re reading about on astrology blogs.


Some points of references you may want to start with or track during the summer:


Sirius dog star star gazing canis major
Fixed star Sirius aka “the Dog Star” which will conjunct the Sun at the time of the July Full Moon in Capricorn. Also important for occultists.


Orion stargazing night sky
Are you even an occultist if you can’t locate Orion?


Fixed star Regulus Leo
The fixed star Regulus located in Leo and playing a big role in the Aug. 21st “Great American Eclipse”


Jupiter Virgo Libra

You’ll also often see things that will confuse you if you’re only familiar with astrology and not astronomy, such as the image above that has Jupiter located in Virgo instead of Libra, where Jupiter is according to astrology (at the time of this post, anyway). Read here to learn the reason for this discrepancy.


Happy summer sky watching!


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