Review Of Charlotte’s Web/CW Hemp Oil

Charlotte's Web CW Hemp oil review
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I just hit my official four month mark of taking daily doses of CW Hemp Oil and thought I’d do a little review on what I’ve experienced with it so far.


Quick backstory: had first seizure at age 7 or 8 (can’t remember which), didn’t have another again until age 13 when I started having them at an approximate rate of 2-5 per year. (Catamenial partial onset/secondary generalized aka grand mal seizures.) They stopped at age 18 when I started taking birth control pills. After discontinuing the pills in late twenties, experienced two more seizures two weeks apart and was started on levetiracetam (Keppra) extended release tablets, 1,500 mg daily and have been seizure free since.


So, I would be considered well controlled where seizures are concerned. Migraines are a different story, though – started having debilitating migraines at age 22 which come and go in spurts but never lessen in frequency or severity. They eventually morphed into silent migraines as well – both with and without aura. The breaking point for me was when the visual scintillations from the migraines began to take over my field of vision.


Around the same time that the migraine visuals started becoming very worrisome, I went through some intense crises in my personal life that brought on strong anxiety bordering on panic attacks. I’ve never suspected myself of having an anxiety or panic disorder before, but I was scared of how little control I now had to control the anxious feeling.


So, that is when I decided to try CW Hemp Oil products for myself. I decided to try this company’s products over other brands on the market due to the rather amazing results it seems to give people with far more serious brain cooties than I have. I’m sharing two such video testimonials below:




Before purchasing the CBD oil, I reached out to Realm Of Caring for dosing instructions. I was advised to take the Everyday Plus strength of the oil, as even though my seizures are controlled I still have more neurological activity than a person should and was told I’m “medically sensitive”. The Everyday Plus is their mid-strength formula; I take one dose nightly at bedtime. This is actually less than what was recommended to me by ROC, so at some point I’m hoping to bump up the dose.


On the Realm Of Caring website, I also noticed they are working with John Hopkins University on CBD oil research projects. I filled out a nearly hour long survey before starting the oil, and just finished a follow up survey a few days ago.


That said, here’s some of my experience so far:




The second night after my first dose, I felt the beginning of a migraine coming on. Instead of reaching for Fioricet to ward it off, I waited until it was time for my CBD dose. After taking the oil, I literally felt the headache melt away like butter. It was gone in less than two minutes.


Since then, I’ve had two migraines that required I take a prescription drug to treat: one was the result of not eating as I should and allowing my blood sugar to drop, so I’m sure it wouldn’t have happened otherwise. So, that’s quite the reduction in frequency for me!


I actually haven’t had any other types of headache at all while on this oil – no tension or sinus headaches, no auras etc.




As mentioned, I never considered myself anxiety prone until drama in my personal life got out of control and then I was anxious all the time, bordering on having attacks when provoked by stress. Not a cool direction to be headed into and I am not keen on psych meds, so was hoping the oil would provide relief.


Here, too, I experienced very quick results – within a couple days of being on the oil, the feeling of being close to an anxiety or panic attack faded and never returned. I was actually still knee-deep in family and personal drama, so my life was not any less stressful. It’s just that I suddenly remembered that some stuff isn’t worth losing your shit over…




Prior to taking CW Hemp oil, I had chronic insomnia. Averaged 4 hours of sleep, and a constantly interrupted sleep at that.


The first two weeks I was on the CBD oil, I found myself sleeping 12 hours each night and a couple nights I added hours onto that. The oil never made me drowsy or sleepy; I just fell asleep peacefully and stayed that way for a long time. It was the first time in a long time I woke up feeling like I had a decent night sleep.


After the first two weeks, I averaged 7-8 hours of perfect sleep. I hoped that would never change, but the past couple weeks I’ve started sleeping less and waking up more, so I’m not sure if that benefit will continue or why it started to be less effective for insomnia.




I did not see any info on either of these, so for science and research purposes I should add that an unexpected benefit was losing a few extra pounds I needed to lose. That was unexpected. It helped curb cravings but overall actually stimulated my appetite, which makes it even weirder that I lost weight.


Seizures & Side Effects


I have experienced zero side effects from the oil, only benefits. So, while my seizures are well controlled, I am contemplating eventually moving off the anticonvulsant and using CW Hemp oil as my anticonvulsant. But, that’s some time off in the future – for now I’m simply going to continue to monitor the effects of CBD oil on my brain and body.


7 thoughts on “Review Of Charlotte’s Web/CW Hemp Oil

  1. I’ve been meaning to comment ever since I read the post the other day. It’s actually amazing the oil helped you so much. It’s only recently that I realized different natural oils can be very helpful (I’ve been taking evening primrose one week a month to help with menstrual cramps and it worked amazingly well).
    The thing that I find interesting is that when your body gets into a ‘normal’ state where you don’t suffer from different ailments, your weight naturally regulates itself.
    I’m off to read more about this oil and what it helps with. Thank you.

    1. No problem, it’s interesting to me too how much it helped and I’m not even taking the full dose recommended to me (a bit pricey at the recommended dose). I’ve heard great things about primrose oil, red raspberry leaf works exceedingly well for cramps if you haven’t tried that yet. 🙂

      1. No, I haven’t tried the red raspberry leaf but I will. Anything that can help. I mean, ever since I started menstruating I had terrible cramps each month and had to be on painkillers for at least a whole day – now it’s been 3 months that I didn’t have to take them. It’s like a little miracle. 🙂

  2. Hi, I’m very glad to see your review and I wish you the best in getting off Keppra. My fiance committed suicide while taking Keppra and I fully blame that drug, he showed no signs of depression before taking it and I saw an immediate change in his personality while on it. It did control his seizures………. but dead is dead in the end. It’s not my business, but reading this post I just want to say you might consider the reason your personal life issues pushed you into such a scary place is the Keppra. Wishing you success with using hemp oil solo and I’m subscribed to see your progress.

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