Astro Space Weather: June 2017

Horoscope forecasts predictions June 2017


The month of June is one of the astrological bright spots of the year. For most of the month, Mercury will be in Gemini and Venus in Taurus – both planets in domicile or in the signs they govern. The planets of love and communication are at home!


This represents a clean sweep new feeling in areas of life where talking about things that matter are concerned. Connecting the dots in love and money matters should come easier.


Mars will also be in Cancer most of the month – a sign Mars is not particularly comfortable with. While some things will be appearing to run along smoothly, now and again expect sudden moodiness, passive aggressive behavior and shirking of responsibility.


Here’s the weekly outlook:


June 1st – 9th


Venus enters Taurus June 6th at 2:27 AM CST, where it will stay until July 4th. This is a really sweet transit. Venus in Taurus is less about quantity and more about quality – though it wants a large amount of quality around… so this favors material increase such as finding new work, starting new investments, selling goods at a better price. Earlier in the year we had a gnarly Venus retrograde that was rough on hearts and appearances alike – now is the time to spruce up aesthetics and feel good about ourselves again overall.


Mercury enters Gemini the same day – June 6th at 5:15 AM and will stay in Gemini until June 21st. Mercury is strong here and any and all types of communication is favored – however you use your words, you can make it count!


Mars enters Cancer June 4th at 11:16 AM CST until July 20th. This is where things get tricky – Mars in Cancer doesn’t like to express its power in forthright, direct fashion; it prefers either sidestepping issues or tricking others into doing the dirty work. Be careful of manipulation during this transit, of people who act helpless but who are, in fact, setting you up. This won’t happen to everyone of course, but it’s going to be common enough to watch out for.


June 9th is the Full Moon in Sagittarius which will depress and hurt some while stabilizing others. Jupiter stations direct this day as well, at 13 degrees Libra. Jupiter turning direct is enough excitement for those not affected by the Full Moon. Look to the house of your natal chart to see where Jupiter is transiting to understand better the opportunities that should start being easier to come by.


June 10th – 17th


This period starts out humming, with Mercury in Gemini trine Jupiter direct in Libra June 12th-13th. Unfortunately, Mercury will also be square to Neptune in Pisces at the same time, which means creativity might not be implemented in practical ways. This is a time to be networking with others and coming up with creative solutions. Uranus in Aries trines the North Node in Leo and the South in Aquarius June 13th, which should give an overall feeling of exciting development.


The Sun in Gemini opposes Saturn Rx in Sagittarius June 14th-15th, which should sober up some of the overreaching ideals of the previous days. So, some things won’t work out as planned but they will be better off for the reality check they’ve received.


Reality is going to be a hard thing to keep a grip on mid month, as Neptune stations retrograde at 14 degrees Pisces June 16th (6:10 AM CST). A few days before and after expect to experience listlessness, confusion, fatigue, world weariness, disillusionment and overall feeling “out of it”.


June 18th – 24th


June 18th-19th sees Venus sextile Neptune, which adds a flair for the romantic and sees virtue in escapism. Escapism will be particularly strong at the Neptune retrograde; in excess can lead a person astray but in the right amount can be a true life saver. The same days will see Mercury sextile Uranus and square Chiron. This is the time for unorthodox thinking, as these are the times when discoveries are made.


The Sun enters Cancer June 20th, 11:24 PM CST and it’s officially summer in the northern hemisphere!


Mercury enters Cancer June 21st at 4:57 AM CST and conjuncts the Sun a few hours later. Cancer is a cardinal sign so I expect the tempo to pick up here, for better or worse. Protection is a dominant theme on both micro and macro levels.


Venus in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn June 23rd-24th and those who know how to make money work for them should see this as a golden opportunity. Mars squares Jupiter and trines Neptune the same days and the urge to grow competes with the urge to explode.


June 25th – 30th


We close out the month with a lot of talk – not superficial talk, either. Mercury in Cancer keeps the news busy as it squares Jupiter and trines Neptune June 27th and conjuncts Mars June 28th. The square to Jupiter looks like tall tales or overblown statements. The conjunction to Mars is a notorious one for fights and arguments. Again, in the sign of Cancer watch out for passive aggressive fighting and getting others to do the dirty work. Push too hard and watch passive aggressive turn into aggressive aggressive; not a transit to be taken lightly.


Mercury opposes Pluto in Capricorn June 29th and a lot of dark things come to our attention. This one looks like it could have surprise waiting in the wings.


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