Saint Cyprian – The Patron Of Astrologers

This isn’t about the official patronage of San Cipriano di Antiocha as dictated by the Catholic Church. Officially, St. Cyprian was a sorcerer/black magician who was converted to Christianity by a woman named Justina. Cyprian had tried to work love magic on Justina and she abolished the work by making the sign of the cross upon herself. Impressed by this superior form of magic he encountered, Cyprian left sorcery behind and spent the rest of his life spreading the Gospel.


The unofficial story is that while St. Cyprian undoubtedly left much of his previous life behind after his conversion, he didn’t give it all up. Many grimoires are said to have been authored by him even after his conversion. Before conversion, he was first and foremost an astrologer, at the time an exclusive mystery school unavailable to most unlearned citizens. While the Catholic Church of recent times likes to pretend it didn’t happen, during Cyprian’s life astrology was very much a big part of the church and would have seen no reason to leave astrology behind after converting.


Sigil of Saint Cyprian


Thus, St. Cyprian of Antioch in modern times is the unofficial patron saint of occultists, necromancers and astrologers, as he himself was once one. As he was also himself an author on metaphysical subjects, he should also be considered the patron saint of anyone writing in any media on esoteric subjects.


Most cultures and religions around the world have some variation of ancestor veneration. Honoring and petitioning saints should be seen in the same light as placing flowers on dead relatives graveside or lighting a candle in a relatives memory. Saints are mortals who lived and died like everyone else and returned to the ocean of our greater collective heritage. In that sense, they too are our ancestors.


As we head into 2018, the beginning of a profoundly new era of life on Terra, those folks who are natural seekers of the bigger spiritual picture and especially those who understand the high importance of astrology in the cycle we’re moving into might want to move out of their comfort zone and ask assistance from an OG Saturn in Capricorn figure. Someone who was doing wrong, started doing right, learned a thing or two about forgiveness and discernment, applied knowledge in practical ways and left this knowledge to world as his legacy.


On this first eclipse of 2018, this blog is now known as Vox Cyprian Astrology to both venerate St. Cyprian myself and to give voice to an astrologer who came before me and knows the cycle we’re in.


Sound the trumpet in the new moon, at the full moon, on our solemn feast day

– Psalms 81:3


The Astrology Of 2018: Power, Consequences, Upheaval And Revolution

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Painting by Sergio Martinez

If you want reassurance that 2018 won’t be that bad or that eventful, read elsewhere. If you’d like to know the honest astrology forecast for the year ahead, keep reading – but be prepared that 2018 isn’t going to be an easy year.


I try to state that in the most neutral way possible. Tornadoes and hurricanes are a fact of life. If a meteorologist tells you a life threatening storm is headed your way, you don’t blame the messenger or call them “being too negative”. You either heed the warning and prepare accordingly, armed with the data you need to stay safe… or you choose to ignore it and risk safety.


The following predictive astrology for 2018 should be seen through that lens. The Sun will shine as always, but you should know the space weather changes frequently, unpredictably and will be a shock to the systems of many.


Saturn will change signs for the first time in three years. Uranus and Chiron will change signs for the first time in seven years. The astrological configurations of the past decade are no more, replaced by new ones sustaining into the next decade. In many, many areas of life we are starting again from square one. In unfamiliar territory, expect your senses and equilibrium to be thrown off during the adjustment period.


Here’s what you need to know about the astrology of 2018: Continue reading “The Astrology Of 2018: Power, Consequences, Upheaval And Revolution”

Saturn In Capricorn: Grow Up (Or Just Grow Old)

Saturn in Capricorn 2017 2018
Photo by Tao Liu

Time waits on no one. We all know this, but the concept of real time sometimes just hits us in the face. Such will be the case when Saturn – the planet of time, reality, mortality, limitations, aging and maturation, and karma – transits its own sign of Capricorn, cardinal  (initiatory, go-getting) sign of evolution.

Saturn will enter Capricorn December 19th, 2017 until March 21st, 2020; due to a retrograde, Saturn will also be in Capricorn from July 1st-December 17th, 2020. It’s not too soon to be thinking about what this transit represents, individually and collectively. It has a tremendous socioeconomic and political effect, but let’s get into that one later. For now, let’s keep it personal. Continue reading “Saturn In Capricorn: Grow Up (Or Just Grow Old)”

5 Things To Expect From Jupiter In Scorpio!

Jupiter in Scorpio 2017 2018 meaning what to expect

The largest known planet in our solar system, Jupiter, enters the magnetic, dynamic and energetic sign Scorpio on October 10th, where it will stay until November 8th, 2018. Jupiter in Scorpio is nothing if not extremely passionate and powerful about it, for better or worse.

Jupiter is often called the planet of luck, but more often it is “luck” as found through growth, experimentation, openness to new opportunities, willingness to learn and willingness to flow in new directions.

In Scorpio, we’ll be flowing through the deep currents of psychology, pathology, forensics, research, investigation… a spiritual quest to find hidden knowledge. Knowledge is power; this is true regardless but it’s a lesson that hits home harder during Jupiter in Scorpio. By understanding what’s really going on at the deepest level, one will have won, succeeded, survived, beaten the odds.

Here’s five things to expect from the transit of Jupiter in Scorpio: Continue reading “5 Things To Expect From Jupiter In Scorpio!”